Who We Are

S&P operates on the Ukrainian market of venture investments. For more than 10 years we have been helping businesses to invest freely, protect and develop their property and assets on the territory of Ukraine.


Why Us?

  • For more than 10 years we protect business from illegal seizures and efficiently solve corporate conflicts of any complexity.
  • Our team can calculate any possible scenarios of corporate conflicts, schemes of fraudulent lawyers and clients.
  • Over the years of practice, we have learned to be one step ahead of our opponents.
  • S&P offers its clients innovative strategies and moves, as well as resolution of problems, which at first sight seem impossible to be solved.
  • We always offer an alternative, unconventional “vision” of a conflict resolution.

When working with S&P, the business gets not only protection, but also the ability to change the vector of its thinking and development, moving from the “problem solving” strategy to the strategy of “winning a battle before it's ever fought.”

Our results


USD, billion

saved for our clients


was the cost of objects that we returned to our clients

USD, billion

was the cost of objects
that we returned to our clients


unlawful seizures of property

and businesses were prevented